Microsoft HealthVault with SiDiary

SiDiary & HealthVault

With our appropriate AddIn it is possible to transfer the data directly from SiDiary to Microsoft® HealthVault® and make data from your blood glucose meters (more than 150 meters integrated right now), insulin pumps etc. availabe in your personal healthcare records.

HealthVault® is a web-based platform from Microsoft to store and maintain health and fitness information. With applications like SiDiary HealthVault® supports users with their personal health management and in collaboration with physicians and other stakeholders in health care. (www.healthvault.com)

The AddIn for SiDiary can be downloaded here: Download the HealthVault AddIn

Please unzip the file after the Download into your SiDiary program AddIn folder (for example C:\Program Files\SINOVO\SiDiary6\Addns). You will find the folowing files and folder in it:

Content of the zip file

If the files already exists from a former installation you can overwrite them.

Then please start SiDiary from the scratch and go to menu 'Extras ->AddIns'.
Make sure, that the checkbox for HealthVault AddIn is set.

Finish the AddIn Setup

You can find the installed and activated HealthVault AddIn in the menu 'Tools -> HealthVault.

SiDiary HealthVault AddIn

In this menu you can specify:

  • Which time range should be uploaded to HealthVault®
  • Which data types should be uploaded
  • On which HealthVault Server you want to upload your data exactly

If you have made your setting please click at the 'Upload' button in the lower right corner. Your web browser will redirect you to your HealthVault® login site where you can login with your Windows Live ID and your password.
Usually it won’t be necessary to use the button ‘Unlink’. SiDiary stores the connection data to HealthVault so that the next upload in your HealthVault account can be directed faster. With 'Unlink' you can delete data, for example if you want to transfer data to another HealthVault account.

Healthvault Login with Windows Live ID

Once you have logged in HealthVault you have to allow access for SiDiary to your PC so the AddIn can transfer data to HealthVault.

Allow access in HealthVault

In your browser a message appears like 'You have granted access for SiDiary. You may close this window now' - you can do so.

Access successfully granted

After the successful upload you will see the following confirmation message:

Data transfer completed

Now you can proceed to work with your SiDary or your personal health care record in Microsoft® HealthVault®.



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