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2018-03-09: SiDiary and LibreView

Today we have good news for all users of the LibreLink app for smartphones. Since the scanned values of the Libre sensor can also be transferred to the web app "LibreView" and the data can also be exported as a CSV file, we have now also created a separate import filter for this file.

Therefore, reading out the Libre reader with the Libre software is no longer the only option to import this data into SiDiary.

2018-01-05: SiDiary & Meters

With the current update to version 6.1.1319, new meters have been added in addition to minor modifications. The 'Ascensia Contour Next One', 'Ascensia Contour Next Link 2.4' and the 'eu-medical easypharm-GL' can now also be read out directly with SiDiary.

So now there are two solutions for the 'Contour Next Link 2.4': either just read out the blood glucose data directly from the meter, or - as before with the import filter 'Ascensia Contour Next Link 2.4 (F)' - import the export file from CareLink with the blood glucose data and the data from the Medtronic insulin pump.

2017-11-28: SiDiary reads the Libre automatically!

For all those who, like us, have been annoyed that Abbott no longer allows us to read out the Libre reader directly, we have good news: with version 6.1.1318, SiDiary can now automatically take over the data from the Libre software.

How this works can be seen in this video:

SiDiary detects a Libre-Reader if it is connected to the PC and starts the reading process through the Libre-Software. Afterwards it exports these data automatically into a file and reads it out, so that it's data can be transferred fully automatically into the logbook.

The easiest way to do this is to connect the Libre reader to the PC, then quit the automatically starting Libre software, start SiDiary and watch how SiDiary gets the data from it.

If you have any problems with this, please send an email to

2017-11-14: World Diabetes Day 2017
Dear friends of SiDiary,

We would love to invite you all to coffee and cake for today's World Diabetes Day (which takes place every year on 14.11.), to celebrate the event and get to know each other.

Unfortunately, this would be a bit too much of a hassle, because we would have to rent a convention centre for this.

So we imagined something else and give you all a 5-Euro coupon for our online shop.

The coupon code is: WDD2017

It is valid until 21.11.2017
Subscription customers can use it, for example, to extend their licenses, because they do not lose any validity days, but simply renew the subscription for one year.

And may be the "coffee and cake" thing is also an idea for you and the people you like to be with ;-)

Best wishes,
Your SINOVO team

2017-09-20: SiDiary and iOS11
Unfortunately, we have found out that under iOS11 the specially developed keyboard for entering digits can no longer handle decimal places.
Until we provide an update, you can continue working with the following workaround: please change the settings. Under' More ->Settings ->Keyboard' you can activate the standard keyboard. After that, you will no longer see the keyboard we created when you type, but the normal iOS keyboard.

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